ITC Checks

Credit/ITC Checks

We offer credit checks service to South African citizens with a valid South African ID number in order for you to access your credit information through your personal credit report. Credit history checks provides you a document of your financial history, detailing information on your borrowing and spending habits, payments and contact details. It is a record of every account you open, every payment you skip, every judgment taken against you and money you owe your creditors.

We are able to assist you in applying for a credit check and therefore are able to issue you with an ITC credit report, giving you all the insight you need to build your credit status.

ITC checks plays an essential part in the decisions that are made on whether you qualify for a loan or credit. With us you will now be able to do a personal credit history check.

ITC checks are used to ascertain a person’s credit status and credit history. These credit checks can be used by prospective employers on staff and individuals wanting to review and manage their own credit status. They are also vital in avoiding Identity theft and when applying for finance. ITC checks are processed within 24 hours and are often combined with 48 hour criminal clearances.