Police Clearances

South African Police Clearances

What is a South African Police Clearance Certificate?

A South African Police Clearance Certificate lists as well as certifies a person’s criminal convictions and is issued by the South African Police Services Criminal Record Centre.

A Police Clearance certificate can also be called a certificate of good conduct or an arrest record. If the 48hr Fingerprint Clearance is not accepted for your purposes then you will need to apply for the South African Police Clearance Certificate. The time period for this application is approximately 3 – 5 weeks (depending on the backlog at the SAP CRC) and we are able to process applications from anywhere in South Africa or abroad.

Once you have the below documents, please contact us for processing details.

Please DOWNLOAD an example of a South African Police Clearance Certificate.

You Will Need

One set of fingerprints taken at your nearest police station. (If you reside outside South Africa please DOWNLOAD this Fingerprint Form and contact us via email to complete the process)

You Will Need

A copy of your ID/passport.